This Week in Blockchain Research Issue #119

Issue #119


Issue #119

Paper of the Week:

Paper Title: Kadcast-NG: A Structured Broadcast Protocol for Blockchain Networks.


  1. In order to propagate transactions and blocks, today’s blockchain systems rely on unstructured peer-to-peer overlay networks.

  2. In such networks, broadcast is known to be an inefficient operation in terms of message complexity and overhead.

  3. In addition to the impact on the system performance, inefficient or delayed block propagation may have severe consequences regarding security and fairness of the consensus layer.

  4. In contrast, the Kadcast protocol is a structured peer-to-peer protocol for block and transaction propagation in blockchain networks.

  5. Kadcast utilizes the well-known overlay topology of Kademlia to realize an efficient broadcast operation with tunable overhead.

  6. This work studies the security and privacy of the Kadcast protocol based on probabilistic models and analyzes its resilience to packet losses and node failures.

  7. Moreover, it evaluates Kadcast’s block delivery performance, broadcast reliability, efficiency, and security based on advanced network simulations.

  8. Lastly, it introduces a QUIC-based prototype implementation of the Kadcast protocol and shows its merits through deployment in a large-scale cloud-based testbed.

AuthorsElias Rohrer* and Florian Tschorsch*,

Affiliations: * Technical University of Berlin.


1. Paper Title: A Lattice-based Provably Secure Multisignature Scheme in Quantum Random Oracle Model.

Summary: A first lattice-based multisignature scheme whose security is proven in QROM.

Authors: Masayuki Fukumitsu* and Shingo Hasegawa†,

Affiliations* Hokkaido Information University and † Tohoku University.

2. Paper Title: AToM: Active Topology Monitoring for the Bitcoin Peer-to-Peer Network.

Summary: This work thoroughly reviews network-level attacks and empirically shows that topology obfuscation is not an effective countermeasure.

Authors: Federico Franzoni*, Xavier Salleras*, and Vanesa Daza*,

Affiliations* Universitat Pompeu Fabra.

3. Paper Title: Rectifying Administrated ERC20 Tokens.

Summary: Many smart contracts are administrated, which means that their owners solely possess an omnipotent power over these contracts.

Authors: Nikolay Ivanov*, Hanqing Guo*, and Qiben Yan*,

Affiliations* Michigan State University.

4. Paper Title: Combining Graph Neural Networks with Expert Knowledge for Smart Contract Vulnerability Detection.

Summary: This work casts the rich control and data flow semantics of the source code into a contract graph.

Authors: Zhenguang Liu*†, Peng Qian*†, Xiaoyang Wang§, Yuan Zhuang‡, Lin Qiu§, and Xun Wang*†

AffiliationsZhejiang Gongshang University, † Zhejiang University, ‡ National University of Singapore, and § Southern University of Science and Technology.


No papers.


1. Paper Title: Cross-Referencing Method for Scalable Public Blockchain.

Summary: Transaction processing capacity will increase to 56,000 transactions per second, which is as much as that of a VISA credit card system.

Authors: Takaaki Yanagihara* and Akihiro Fujihara*,

Affiliations* Chiba Institute of Technology.

2. Paper Title: Layer 2 Blockchain Scaling: a Survey.

Summary: This discussion aims at analyzing the state of the art of current available Layer II solutions to overcome these limitations, both focusing on theoretical and practical aspects and highlighting the main differences among the examined frameworks.

Authors: Cosimo Sguanci*, Roberto Spatafora*, and Andrea Mario Vergani*,

Affiliations* Politecnico.


No papers.


No papers.


1. Paper Title: MiCA and DeFi ('Proposal for a Regulation on Market in Crypto-Assets' and 'Decentralised Finance').

Summary: This paper aims to analyze the relation between the proposal for a Regulation on Markets in Crypto-assets (MiCA), an element of the Digital Finance Package of the European Commission, and DeFi.

AuthorsGuilherme Maia* & João Vieira dos Santos†,

Affiliations: * Universidade de Lisboa and † University of Porto.

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