This Week in Blockchain Research Issue #6

Issue #6

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“Significant advancements and innovations in the blockchain space are constantly being achieved by academic researchers. We are committed to helping share and spread this research. In our newsletter, we aim to provide a list of publications that will help guide the community with the latest research in the blockchain space.

Unfortunately, a lot of this research is overlooked due to the massive numbers of papers being generated and the way they are being promoted and published. To tackle this issue, we’ve put together a categorized list of academic papers that can guide our subscribers and keep them up to date.”

Issue #6

This Week in Security:

1. Paper Title: Sharing of Encrypted files in Blockchain Made Simpler.

Summary: A proxy self re-encryption (SE-PRE) that is highly efficient, as compared to the existing PRE schemes in the literature.

AuthorsS. Sharmila Deva Selvi*, Arinjita Paul*, Siva Dirisala†, Saswata Basu†, and C. Pandu Rangan†,

Affiliations: * IIT Madras and † 0chain LLC.

2. Paper Title: Discharged Payment Channels: Quantifying the Lightning Network's Resilience to Topology-Based Attacks.

Summary: This work introduces the notions of channel exhaustion and node isolation attacks and show that the Lightning Network is susceptible to these attacks

AuthorsElias Rohrer*, Julian Malliaris*, and Florian Tschorsch*,

Affiliations: * Technical University of Berlin.

This Week in Privacy:

1. Paper Title: Blockchain Enabled Privacy Preserving Data Audit.

Summary: A blockchain based privacy preserving audit protocol which is resilient even when any two out of the data owner, storage server and auditor are malicious.

AuthorsPrabal Banerjee*, Nishant Nikam* and Sushmita Ruj*,

Affiliations: * Indian Statistical Institute.

This Week in Scalability:

1. Paper Title: Atomic Crosschain Transactions for Ethereum Private Sidechains.

Summary: This work introduces a crosschain technique which allows transactions to be executed atomically across sidechains, a new mechanism for proving values across sidechains, describes a transaction locking mechanism which works in the context of blockchain to enable atomic transactions, and a methodology for providing a global time-out across sidechains.

AuthorsPeter Robinson*†, David Hyland-Wood*†, Roberto Saltini*, Sandra Johnson*, John Brainard*,

Affiliations: * PegaSys, ConsenSys and † University of Queensland.

This Week in Proofs:

No papers.

This Week in Consensus Protocols:

1. Paper Title: Refinement and Verification of CBC Casper.

Summary: Refinements to the CBC Casper protocol family that include a new definition of asynchronous safety for the CBC Casper framework.

Authors: Ryuya Nakamura*, Takayuki Jimba†, and Dominik Harz‡,

Affiliations: * The University of Tokyo, † LayerX, ‡ Imperial College London.

This Week in Tokenomics:

1. Paper Title: Event-Driven Strategies in Crypto Assets.

Summary: Important findings of asset pricing theory on the rising academic field of crypto assets and deduces practical implications for retail and institutional investors.

AuthorsSamed Krueger*, Maximilian Müller*, André Betzer*, and Christian Rokitta†,

Affiliations: * BUW and † insoro GmbH.

2. Paper Title: Understanding Cryptocurrencies.

Summary: This work explains the mechanics of cryptocurrencies at a high level, details useful data sources for researchers, provides basic summary statistics given the available data and offers a list of possible research applications.

AuthorsWolfgang Karl Härdle*, Campbell R. Harvey†, and Raphael C. G. Reule‡,

Affiliations: * Humboldt University of Berlin, † Duke University, and ‡ International Research Training Group 1792.

3. Paper Title: Decentralized Finance on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Summary: Decentralized finance can be an option of last resort for refugees escaping political and societal collapse.

AuthorsRobert Donald Leonhard*,

Affiliations: * Independent.

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