This Week in Blockchain Research Issue #5

Issue #5

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“Significant advancements and innovations in the blockchain space are constantly being achieved by academic researchers. We are committed to helping share and spread this research. In our newsletter, we aim to provide a list of publications that will help guide the community with the latest research in the blockchain space.

Unfortunately, a lot of this research is overlooked due to the massive numbers of papers being generated and the way they are being promoted and published. To tackle this issue, we’ve put together a categorized list of academic papers that can guide our subscribers and keep them up to date.”

Issue #5

This Week in Security:

1. Paper Title: Side-Channel assessment of Open Source Hardware Wallets.

Summary: This work shows how to use side-channel attacks to break the security of some cryptocurrencies hardware wallets when the attacker is given physical access to them.

AuthorsManuel San Pedro*, Victor Servant*, and Charles Guillemet*,

Affiliations: * Ledger Donjon.

2. Paper Title: Fine-Grained and Controlled Rewriting in Blockchains: Chameleon-Hashing Gone Attribute-Based.

Summary: This paper introduces the notion of policy-based chameleon-hashes (PCHs) that can tackle the problem of rewriting objects in blockchains in a way, flexible enough for real-world needs regarding the granularity of who can perform such an operation.

AuthorsDavid Derler*, Kai Samelin†, Daniel Slamanig‡, Christoph Striecks‡,

Affiliations: * DFINITY, † TÜV Rheinland i-sec GmbH, and ‡ AIT.

3. Paper Title: Secure and secret cooperation of robotic swarms by using Merkle trees.

Summary: A system where swarm robots have to “prove” their integrity to their peers by exchanging cryptographic proofs. This work analyzes and tests the proposed approach for two different robotic missions: foraging (where robots modify the environment) and maze formation (where robots become part of the environment).

AuthorsEduardo Castello ́ Ferrer*, Thomas Hardjono*, and Alex ‘Sandy’ Pentland*,

Affiliations: * MIT.

This Week in Privacy:

1. Paper Title: Exploring the Monero Peer-to-Peer Network.

Summary: This work develops a tool set to explore the Monero peer-to-peer network, including its network size, distribution, and connectivity.

AuthorsTong Cao*, Jiangshan Yu†, Jérémie Decouchant*, Xiapu Luo, and Paulo Verissimo*,

Affiliations: * SnT - University of Luxembourg, † Monash University, ‡ The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

2. Paper Title: Enforcing Private Data Usage Control with Blockchain and Attested Off-chain Contract Execution.

Summary: A system that leverages smart contract in blockchain and trusted execution environment to enable individuals’ control over other parties’ access and use of their private data.

AuthorsYang Xiao*, Ning Zhang†, Wenjing Lou*, Y. Thomas Hou*,

Affiliations: * Washington University in St. Louis and † Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

This Week in Scalability:

No papers.

This Week in Proofs:

No papers.

This Week in Consensus Protocols:

No papers. 

This Week in Tokenomics:

1. Paper Title: Incentivized Blockchain-based Social Media Platforms: A Case Study of Steemit.

Summary: This paper presents an empirical analysis of Steemit, a key representative of these emerging platforms, to understand and evaluate the actual level of decentralization and the practical effects of cryptocurrency-driven reward system in these modern social media platforms.

AuthorsChao Li* and Balaji Palanisamy*,

Affiliations: * University of Pittsburgh.

2. Paper Title: Selfish Mining and Dyck Words in Bitcoin and Ethereum Networks.

Summary: A direct approach for the formula giving the long-term apparent hashrates of Selfish Mining strategies using only elementary probabilities and combinatorics, more precisely, Dyck words.

AuthorsCyril Grunspan* and Ricardo Pérez-Marco†,

Affiliations: * Léonard de Vinci, Research Center and † IMJ-PRG.

3. Paper Title: Economic Analyses of Security Investments on Cryptocurrency Exchanges.

Summary: An economic model to capture the short-term incentives of cryptocurrency exchanges with respect to making security investments and establishing trans- action fees.

AuthorsBenjamin Johnson*, Aron Laszka†, Jens Grossklags*, and Tyler Moore‡,

Affiliations: * Technical University of Munich, † University of Houston, and ‡ The University of Tulsa.

4. Paper Title: Event-Driven Strategies in Crypto Assets.

Summary: This paper applies important findings of asset pricing theory on the rising academic field of crypto assets and deduces practical implications for retail and institutional investors.

AuthorsSamed Krueger*, Maximilian Müller*, André Betzer*, and Christian Rokitta†,

Affiliations: * BUW and † insoro GmbH.

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