This Week in Blockchain Research Issue #111

Issue #111


Issue #111

Paper of the Week:

Paper Title: GoAT: File Geolocation via Anchor Timestamping.


  1. Blockchain systems are rapidly gaining traction. Decentralized storage systems like Filecoin are a crucial component of this ecosystem that aim to provide robust file storage through a Proof of Replication (PoRep) or its variants.

  2. However, a PoRep actually offers limited robustness. Indeed if all the file replicas are stored on a single hard disk, a single catastrophic event is enough to lose the file.

  3. This work introduces a new primitive, Proof of Geo-Retrievability or in short PoGeoRet, that enables proving that a file is located within a strict geographic boundary.

  4. Using PoGeoRet, one can trivially construct a PoRep by proving that a file is in several distinct geographic regions.

  5. This work defines what it means for a PoGeoRet scheme to be complete and sound, in the process making important extensions to prior formalism.

  6. GoAT is a practical PoGeoRet scheme to prove file geolocation. Unlike previous geolocation systems that rely on trusted-verifiers, GoAT bootstraps using public timestamping servers on the internet that serve as geolocation anchors, tolerating a local threshold of dishonest anchors. 

  7. It internally uses a communication-efficient Proof-of-Retrievability (PoRet) scheme in a novel way to achieve constant-size PoRet-component in its proofs.

    GoAT’s practicality is validated by conducting an initial measurement study to find usable anchors and also perform a real-world experiment. The results show that a significant fraction of the internet can be used as anchors and that GoAT achieves geolocation radii as little as 1000km.

Authors: Deepak Maram*, Iddo Bentov*, Mahimna Kelkar*, and Ari Juels*,

Affiliations: * Cornell Tech.


1. Paper Title: Hours of Horus: Keyless Cryptocurrency Wallets.

Summary: A cryptocurrency wallet in which money can be spent using a password alone, and no private keys are required.

Authors: Dionysis Zindros*,

Affiliations* University of Athens.

2. Paper Title: Topological Anomaly Detection in Dynamic Multilayer Blockchain Networks.

Summary: The first paper on anomaly detection in dynamic multilayer networks.

Authors: Dorcas Ofori-Boateng*, Ignacio Segovia Dominguez†, Murat Kantarcioglu†, Cuneyt G. Akcora‡, and Yulia R. Gel†,

Affiliations* Portland State University, † University of Texas at Dallas, and ‡ University of Manitoba.


1. Paper Title: Manta: a Plug and Play Private DeFi Stack.

Summary: A multi-asset decentralized anonymous payment scheme and an automated market maker (AMM) based decentralized anonymous exchange scheme.

Authors: Shumo Chu*†, Yu Xia‡, and Zhenfei Zhang†,

Affiliations* UC Santa Barbara, † Manta Network, and ‡ MIT CSAIL.

2. Paper Title: SoK: Privacy-Preserving Computing in the Blockchain Era.

Summary: A systematization of knowledge of privacy-preserving solutions in cryptocurrencies and blockchains.

Authors: Ghada Almashaqbeh* and Ravital Solomon†,

Affiliations* University of Connecticut and † NuCypher.

3. Paper Title: Redacting Transactions from Execute-Order-Validate Blockchains.

Summary: The first design for a redactable execute-order-validate blockchain, that grants users with the right to be forgotten.

Authors: Yacov Manevich*, Artem Barger*, and Gal Assa†,

Affiliations* IBM Haifa Research Lab and † Technion.


No papers.


1. Paper Title: Proofs of Isogeny Knowledge and Application to Post-quantum One-Time Verifiable Random Function.

Summary: A new method to prove the knowledge of an isogeny of given degree between two supersingular elliptic curves.

Authors: Antonin Leroux*,

Affiliations* Institut Polytechnique de Paris.

2. Paper Title: VCProof: Constructing Shorter and Faster- to-Verify zkSNARKs with Vector Oracles.


Authors: Yuncong Zhang*, Ren Zhang†‡, Geng Wang*, and Dawu Gu*,

Affiliations* Shanghai Jiao Tong University, † Cryptape, and ‡ Shandong Institute of Blockchain.


1. Paper Title: Conclave: A Collective Stake Pool Protocol.

Summary: A formal design of a Collective Stake Pool, i.e., a decentralized pool with no single point of authority.

Authors: Dimitris Karakostas*‡, Aggelos Kiayias*‡, and Mario Larangeira*†,

Affiliations* University of Edinburgh, † Tokyo Institute of Technology, and ‡ IOHK.

2. Paper Title: Multidimensional Byzantine Agreement in a Synchronous Setting.

Summary: A leaderless Byzantine agreement protocol defined for complete and synchronous networks that allows a network of nodes to reach consensus on a vector of relevant information regarding a set of observed events.

Authors: Andrea Flamini*, Riccardo Longo*, and Alessio Meneghetti*,

Affiliations* University of Trento.


1. Paper Title: Maximizing Extractable Value from Automated Market Makers.

Summary: This work formally characterizes rational miners as players which follow an optimal strategy in the mining game.

AuthorsMassimo Bartoletti*, James Hsin-yu Chiang†, and Alberto Lluch-Lafuente†.

Affiliations: * Università degli Studi di Cagliari and † Technical University of Denmark.

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