This Week in Blockchain Research Issue #62

Issue #62

Issue #62

Paper of the Week:

Paper Title: Bulletproofs+: Shorter Proofs for Privacy-Enhanced Distributed Ledger.


  1. Due to distributed and transparent nature, short NIZK without a trusted setup is highly desired in the context of distributed ledger.

  2. This work presents an improved variety of Bulletproofs, that has shorter proof size than Bulletproofs.

  3. It achieves the shortest proof size in the category of NIZK without trusted setup. 

  4. The main ingredient is the zero-knowledge weighted inner product argument (zk-WIP) to which it reduces both the range proof and the arithmetic circuit proof.

  5. The benefit of reducing to the zk-WIP is a minimal transmission cost during the reduction process, which makes the overall proof size of Bulletproofs+ smaller than that of Bulletproofs.

  6. This work also has additional extensions such as aggregating range proofs and batch verification.

AuthorsHeewon Chung*, Kyoohyung Han†, Chanyang Ju*, Myungsun Kim‡, and Jae Hong Seo*,

Affiliations: * Hanyang University, † Samsung SDS R&D Center, and ‡ The University of Suwon.


1. Paper Title: Counting Down Thunder: Timing Attacks on Privacy in Payment Channel Networks.

Summary: Potential timing attacks on privacy in payment channel networks.

Authors: Elias Rohrer* and Florian Tschorsch*,

Affiliations* Technical University of Berlin.

2. Paper Title: Minerva: The curse of ECDSA nonces Systematic analysis of lattice attacks on noisy leakage of bit-length of ECDSA nonces.

Summary: A group of side-channel vulnerabilities in implementations of the ECDSA signature algorithm.

Authors: Ján Jančár*, Vladimír Sedláček*†, Petr Švenda*, and Marek Sýs*,

Affiliations* Masaryk University and † Ca’ Foscari University of Venice.

3. Paper Title: CoinPolice: Detecting Hidden Cryptojacking Attacks with Neural Networks.

Summary: This work presents a system for hidden cryptojacking detection and identifies features that can be used to detect malicious cryptocurrency mining on web pages.

Authors: Ivan Petrov*, Luca Invernizzi†, and Elie Bursztein†,

Affiliations* Lomonosov Moscow State University and † Google.


1. Paper Title: Anonymous probabilistic payment in payment hub.

Summary: An anonymous probabilistic payment that aims to solve both scalability and privacy protection.

Authors: Tatsuo Mitani* and Akira Otsuka*,

Affiliations* Institute of Information Security.

2. Paper Title: Decentralized reputation.

Summary: A privacy-preserving reputation scheme for collaborative systems such as P2P networks in which peers can represent themselves with different pseudonyms when interacting with others.

Authors: Tassos Dimitriou*,

Affiliations* IEEE.


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1. Paper Title: Time-Variant Proof-of-Work Using Error-Correction Codes.

Summary: A new PoW called Error-Correction Codes PoW (ECCPoW) where the error-correction codes and their decoder can be utilized for PoW.

Authors: Sangjun Park*, Haeung Choi†, and *Heung-No Lee†,

Affiliations* Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute and † Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology.


1. Paper Title: The New Money: The Utility of Cryptocurrencies and the Need for a New Monetary Policy.

Summary: This paper sets out to explore the utility of cryptocurrencies and CBDC, their implications on the economy and the government’s ability to use monetary policy.

AuthorsDavid Kuo Chuen Lee* and Ernie G. S. Teo†,

Affiliations: * Singapore University of Social Sciences and † NUS Business School.

2. Paper Title: Bitcoin Insurance? The Emerging Market For Digital Asset Insurance.

Summary: This article provides an overview of the relevant technology, outlines the state of the digital asset insurance industry, and discusses how the insurance integral to the broader blockchain ecosystem.

AuthorsAdam Zuckerman*,

Affiliations: * University of Pennsylvania.

3. Paper Title: Trustless Architecture and the V-Form Organisation.

Summary: The current organisational forms have exhausted the levels of trust that have previously sustained them.

AuthorsChris Berg*, Sinclair Davidson, and Jason Potts*,

Affiliations: * RMIT University.

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