This Week in Blockchain Research Issue #65

Issue #65

Issue #65

Paper of the Week:

Paper Title: Asynchronous Byzantine Agreement with Subquadratic Communication.


  1. Is it possible to design an asynchronous Byzantine Agreement (BA) protocol with subquadratic communication complexity that tolerates Θ(n) adaptive corruptions?

  2. This work gives both positive and negative answers to this question.

  3. First, it shows asynchronous BA protocols with (expected) subquadratic communication complexity that can tolerate adaptive corruption of any f ≤ (1 − ε)n/3 of the parties, for arbitrary ε > 0.

  4. Using a trusted dealer, it can achieve an unbounded number of BA executions with o(n2) communication per execution.

  5. Alternately, it can avoid a trusted dealer by having the parties run an arbitrary adaptively secure MPC protocol to generate the initial setup.

  6. This work justifies its reliance on a trusted dealer by showing that some form of setup is necessary for (non-amortized) subquadratic BA tolerating Θ(n) corrupted parties.

AuthorsErica Blum*, Jonathan Katz†, Chen-Da Liu-Zhang‡, and Julian Loss*,

Affiliations: * University of Maryland, † George Mason University, and ‡ ETH Zurich.


1. Paper Title: Proof of Storage-Time: Efficiently Checking Continuous Data Availability⋆.

Summary: PoSt is a challenge-response protocol that allows the prover to convince the verifier that data is continuously available and retrievable for a range of time.

Authors: Giuseppe Ateniese*, Long Chen†‡, Mohammad Etemad*, and Qiang Tang†‡,

Affiliations* Stevens Institute of Technology, † New Jersey Institute of Technology, and ‡ JDD-NJIT-ISCAS Joint Blockchain Lab.

2. Paper Title: Post-Quantum Adaptor Signatures and Payment Channel Networks.

Summary: The first post-quantum adaptor signature.

Authors: Muhammed F. Esgin*†, Oğuzhan Ersoy‡, and Zekeriya Erkin‡,

Affiliations* Monash University, † Data61 CSIRO, and ‡ Delft University of Technology.

3. Paper Title: SoK: A Taxonomy of Cryptocurrency Wallets.

Summary: The first definition of a cryptocurrency wallet, which is modeled as a client to a server, or a set of servers.

Authors: Kostis Karantias*

Affiliations* IOHK.

4. Paper Title: Efficient Final Exponentiation via Cyclotomic Structure for Pairings over Families of Elliptic Curves.

Summary: A new framework of efficient final exponentiation for pairings over families of elliptic curves.

Authors: Daiki Hayashida*, Kenichiro Hayasaka*, and Tadanori Teruya†,

Affiliations* Mitsubishi Electric Corporation and † National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology.

4. Paper Title: SmartBugs: A Framework to Analyze Solidity Smart Contracts.

Summary: An extensible and easy-to-use execution framework that simplifies the execution of analysis tools on smart contracts written in Solidity.

Authors: João F. Ferreira*, Pedro Cruz*, Thomas Durieux†, and Rui Abreu*,

Affiliations* University of Lisbon and † KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

5. Paper Title: BDTF: A Blockchain-Based Data Trading Framework with Trusted Execution Environment.

Summary: A novel blockchain-based data trading framework with Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) to provide a trusted decentralized platform for fair data trading.

Authors: Guoxiong Su*, Wenyuan Yang*, Zhengding Luo*, Yinghong Zhang*, Zhiqiang Bai*, Yuesheng Zhu*,

Affiliations* Peking University.


1. Paper Title: Dragoon: Private Decentralized HITs Made Practical.

Summary: A practical decentralized protocol for human intelligence tasks (HITs), which also achieves the fairness between requesters and workers.

Authors: Yuan Lu*, Qiang Tang*†, and Guiling Wang*,

Affiliations* New Jersey Institute of Technology and † JDD-NJIT-ISCAS Joint Blockchain Lab.

2. Paper Title: Agora: A Privacy-Aware Data Marketplace.

Summary: The first blockchain-based data marketplace that enables multiple privacy-concerned parties to get compensated for contributing and exchanging data, without relying on a trusted third party during the exchange.

Authors: Vlasis Koutsos*, Dimitrios Papadopoulos*, Dimitris Chatzopoulos*, Sasu Tarkoma*, and Pan Hui†, 

AffiliationsThe Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and † University of Helsinki.


No papers.


No papers.


1. Paper Title: Dumbo: Faster Asynchronous BFT Protocols.

Summary: Two new atomic broadcast protocols both of which have asymptotically and practically better efficiency.

Authors: Bingyong Guo*‡, Zhenliang Lu†‡, Qiang Tang†‡, Jing Xu*‡, Zhenfeng Zhang*‡,

Affiliations* Chinese Academy of Sciences, † New Jersey Institute of Technology, ‡ JDD-NJIT-ISCAS Joint Blockchain Lab.

2. Paper Title: Dumbo-MVBA: Optimal Multi-Valued Validated Asynchronous Byzantine Agreement, Revisited.

Summary: Two MVBA protocols that reduce the communication cost of prior art by an O(𝑛) factor, where 𝑛 is the number of parties.

AuthorsYuan Lu*, Zhenliang Lu*†, Qiang Tang*†, and Guiling Wang*,

Affiliations: * New Jersey Institute of Technology and † JDD-NJIT-ISCAS Joint Blockchain Lab.


1. Paper Title: Blockchain Use Cases for Inclusive FinTech: Scalability, Privacy, and Trust Distribution.

Summary: Mass adoption of blockchain technology will accelerate in financial industry and supply chain with private permissioned blockchains, but these e-inclusion projects using “Inclusive” Blockchain will take a longer time with OnChain/OffChain complexities.

AuthorsDavid LEE Kuo Chuen* and Caroline LIM Seow Ling,

Affiliations: * Singapore University of Social Sciences.

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