This Week in Blockchain Research Issue #12

Issue #12

Issue #12

Paper of the Week

Paper Title: Balance : Dynamic Adjustment of Cryptocurrency Deposits.


  1. Aims to resolve the dilemma of balancing deposits in cryptoeconomic protocols with event dependency and private information.

  2. Provides dynamic adjustment of deposits in over-collateralized protocols, improving agents’ financial welfare, without compromising security.

  3. The mechanism may be used as extension to an existing cryptoeconomic protocols to control the amount of deposit an agent has to provide to resolve the dilemma of having “too high” or “too low” deposits.

  4. Suitable examples for integrating Balance include FairSwap, TrueBit, and XCLAIM.

  5. Agents that aim to misbehave in a protocol obtain more utility if they do early on, before any reductions in their deposit occurs.

  6. Conversely, honest and rational agents receive a higher utility byconsistently acting in the interest of the protocol.

  7. Agents are tracked by a decentralised registry that stores a ranking of their contributions towards the protocol.

  8. The mechanism maps agents to layers according to their behaviour where, if the agent’s score is high enough by the end of a round, it moves to the next layer.

AuthorsDominik Harz*, Lewis Gudgeon*, Arthur Gervais*, and William J. Knottenbelt*,

Affiliations: * Imperial College London.

This Week in Security:

1. Paper Title: Timed Signatures and Zero-Knowledge Proofs –Timestamping in the Blockchain Era–.

Summary: A formal model of protocol execution for timestamping cryptographic primitives with respect to a global clock that parties have access to.

Authors: Aydin Abadi*, Michele Ciampi*, Aggelos Kiayias*†, and Vassilis Zikas*†,

Affiliations: * The University of Edinburgh and †IOHK.

This Week in Privacy:

1. Paper Title: Compact linkable ring signatures and applications.

Summary: A d-dimensional linkable ring multisignature (d-LRMS) scheme suitable for use in a colored ring confidential transaction scheme with d colors.

AuthorsBrandon Goodell*, Sarang Noether*, and RandomRun†,

Affiliations: * Monero Research Lab and † Independent researcher.

2. Paper Title: Revelio: A MimbleWimble Proof of Reserves Protocol.

Summary: A privacy-preserving proof of reserves protocol for Grin exchanges.

AuthorsArijit Dutta* and Saravanan Vijayakumaran*,

Affiliations: * Indian Institute of Technology Bombay.

This Week in Scalability:

1. Paper Title: Txilm: Lossy Block Compression with Salted Short Hashing.

Summary: A protocol that compresses the size of transaction presentation in each block and thus saves the bandwidth of the blockchain network.

AuthorsDonghui Ding*†, Xin Jiang*†, Jiaping Wang*‡, Hao Wang*‡, Xiaobing Zhang*‡, and Yi Sun*†,

Affiliations: *ICT/CAS, † University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and ‡ Monoxide.

2. Paper Title: Transwarp Conduit: Interoperable Blockchain Application Framework.

Summary: A protocol for message transfers between two smart-contract enabled blockchain networks and framework that enables developers to define arbitrarily complex cross-blockchain applications.

AuthorsShidokht Hejazi-Sepehr*, Ross Kitsis*, and Ali Sharif*,

Affiliations: * Aion Foundation.

This Week in Proofs:

No papers.

This Week in Consensus Protocols:

1. Paper Title: Robust and Scalable Consensus for Sharded Distributed Ledgers.

Summary: A secure, robust, and scalable consensus suitable for permissionless sharded blockchains.

AuthorsEleftherios Kokoris-Kogias*,

Affiliations: * EPFL.

2. Paper Title: A Unifying Hybrid Consensus Protocol.

Summary: An eventual consistency protocol merging the Proof-of-Work (PoW) and Proof-of-Stake (PoS) into a coherent stochastic process.

AuthorsYulong Wu*, Yunfei Zha*, and Yao Sun*,

Affiliations: * Aion.

This Week in Tokenomics:

1. Paper Title: Blockchain Technology: Its Ability to Transform Corporations' Corporate Social Responsibility Practices.

Summary: Blockchain will evolve to become a permanent ‘disruptor’ with the potential to transform corporations’ CSR practices.

AuthorsPam Ly*,

Affiliations: * The George Washington University Law School.

2. Paper Title: The SEC and ICOs: Connections Between Digital Assets and Citrus Groves.

Summary: This work evaluates the arguments and counter-arguments concerning the classification of ICO Tokens as securities subject to federal securities laws.

AuthorsSam Waxenbaum*,

Affiliations: * Boston University, School of Law.

3. Paper Title: Regulating Initial Coin Offerings? A Taxonomy of Crypto-Assets.

Summary: A taxonomy of crypto-assets based on academic literature and empirical data that may help regulators classify crypto-assets, allowing them to decide which characteristics are subject to regulation and whether new rules are necessary to ensure market integrity and investor protection.

AuthorsJens Lausen*,

Affiliations: * Goethe University Frankfurt - Faculty of Economics and Business Administration,

4. Paper Title: Transforming Transactional Marketing of Retailers Using Blockchain Approach.

Summary: A reward based system to maintain a blockchain of customers who can avail an offer proposed by the retailer.

AuthorsAniruddha Prabhu B P* and Arup Das†,

Affiliations: * Cambridge Institute of Technology and Siddaganga Institute of Technology.

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