This Week in Blockchain Research Issue #7

Issue #7

Issue #7

This Week in Security:

1. Paper Title: Please, do not decentralize the Internet with (permissionless) blockchains!

Summary: This work argues that is the open permissionless blockchain networks cannot become the substrate for a future decentralized Internet.

AuthorsPedro Garcia Lopez*, Alberto Montresor†, Anwitaman Datta‡,

Affiliations: * Universitat Rovira I Virgili, † University of Trento, and ‡ Nanyang Technological University.

2. Paper Title: Agent-Based Simulations of Blockchain protocols illustrated via Kadena's Chainweb.

Summary: Techniques that may be used to optimize peer-to-peer networking performance. They provide statistical estimates for the economic difficulty of an attack and how the presence of certain actors influences protocol-level statistics, such as the expected time to regain liveness.

AuthorsTarun Chitra*, Monica Quaintance†, Stuart Haber‡, and Will Martino†,

Affiliations: * Gauntlet Networks, † Kadena, and ‡ Stuart Haber Crypto.

3. Paper Title: Selfish Mining in Ethereum.

Summary: Closed-form formulas for the long term profitability of different selfish mining strategies in the Ethereum network.

AuthorsCyril Grunspan* and Ricardo Perez-Marco*,

Affiliations: * Pole Léonard de Vinci and IMJ-PRG.

4. Paper Title: Characterizing Code Clones in the Ethereum Smart Contract Ecosystem.

Summary: The first large-scale and systematic study to characterize the code reuse practice in the Ethereum smart contract ecosystem by analyzing 10 million contracts.

Authors: Ningyu He*, Lei Wu†, Haoyu Wang*, Yao Guo‡, and Xuxian Jiang†,

Affiliations: * Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, † PeckShield and ‡ Peking University.

5. Paper Title: Bug Searching in Smart Contract.

Summary: This work presents several common smart contract vulnerabilities and analyzed their possible scenarios and how they may be exploited.

AuthorsXiaotao Feng*, Qin Wang*, Xiaogang Zhu*, and Sheng Wen*,

Affiliations: * Swinburne University of Technology.

This Week in Privacy:

No papers.

This Week in Scalability:

No papers.

This Week in Proofs:

No papers.

This Week in Consensus Protocols:

No papers.

This Week in Tokenomics:

1. Paper Title: Empirically Analyzing Ethereum's Gas Mechanism.

Summary: The first large scale empirical study to understand to what degree of gas costs are correctly aligned with observed computational costs in reality, by collecting and analyzing Tera-bytes worth of nanosecond-precision transaction execution traces.

AuthorsRenlord Yang*†, Toby Murray*, Paul Rimba†, Udaya Parampalli*,

Affiliations: * University of Melbourne and † Data61/CSIRO.

2. Paper Title: Systemizing the Challenges of Auditing Blockchain-Based Assets.

Summary: Critically analyze the purported roadblocks to auditing blockchain firms and map them to traditional auditing practices, demonstrating that providing an audit opinion is challenging but not insurmountable.

AuthorsErica Pimentel*, Emilio Boulianne*, Shayan Eskandari*, and Jeremy Clark*.

Affiliations: * Concordia University.

3. Paper Title: A Unified Theory of the Blockchain Economy.

Summary: Multiple equilibria can arise in which collective deviation of miners (e.g., fork) can deteriorate the blockchain's efficiency and consumers' welfare.

AuthorsJun Aoyagi*,

Affiliations: * University of California Berkeley.

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