This Week in Blockchain Research Issue #64

Issue #64

Issue #64

Paper of the Week:

Paper Title: Encrypted Blockchain Databases.


  1. Blockchain databases are a crucial technology for the development of non-trivial smart contracts, distributed applications and marketplaces. However, concerns over the confidentiality of the data they manage will increase.

  2. This work considers the problem of end-to-end encrypted blockchain databases. With such a system, a client can encrypt its database before storing it on the blockchain. To query it, the client uses its secret key and executes a query protocol with the blockchain.

  3. An encrypted NoSQL blockchain database can be trivially constructed from a decentralized/blockchain encrypted multi-map (EMM) since both key-value stores and document databases can be represented as dictionaries.

  4. The proposed blockchain EMM constructions can work on any blockchain. To achieve this level of generality, a simple abstraction called an append-only data store (ADS) is used that captures the properties and functionality of blockchains that needed.

  5. Three different constructions are presented: (i) A list-based construction, (ii) A tree-based construction, and (iii) A patched construction.

  6. This work also shows how to use the Ethereum and Algorand blockchains to instantiate an ADS.

  7. Lastly, the schemes are implemented on the Algorand testnet and evaluated under a variety of different settings.

AuthorsDaniel Adkins*, Archita Agarwal*, Seny Kamara*, Tarik Moataz†,

Affiliations: * Brown University and † Aroki Systems.


1. Paper Title: The Provable Security of Ed25519: Theory and Practice.

Summary: This work provides the first detailed analysis and security proofs of Ed25519 signature schemes.

Authors: Jacqueline Brendel*, Cas Cremers*, Dennis Jackson†, and Mang Zhao*,

Affiliations* CISPA Helmholtz Center for Information Security and † ETH Zurich.

2. Paper Title: Modified Secure Hashing algorithm(MSHA-512).

Summary: MSHA-512 with high performance having 40 rounds instead of 80 rounds when compared with SHA-512 algorithm.

Authors: Ashoka SB* and Lakshmikanth D*,

Affiliations* Maharani Cluster University.

3. Paper Title: Hunting for Re-Entrancy Attacks in Ethereum Smart Contracts via Static Analysis.

Summary: A static analysis tool, a combination of symbolic execution and equivalence checking by a satisfiability modulo theories solver to analyze smart contract vulnerabilities to re-entrancy attacks.

Authors: Yuichiro Chinen*, Naoto Yanai*, Jason Paul Cruz*, and Shingo Okamura†,

Affiliations* Osaka University and † National Institute of Technology.

4. Paper Title: Decentralized Lightweight Detection of Eclipse Attacks on Bitcoin Clients.

Summary: This work proposes two approaches for Bitcoin clients to detect whether an eclipse attack against them is ongoing.

AuthorsBithin Alangot*, Daniel Reijsbergen*, Sarad Venugopalan*, and Pawel Szalachowski*,

Affiliations: * Singapore University of Technology and Design.


1. Paper Title: Cross-Layer Deanonymization Methods in the Lightning Protocol.

Summary: Two novel linking algorithms to reveal the ownership of Bitcoin addresses that are controlled by LN nodes using publicly-available data.

Authors: Matteo Romiti*, Friedhelm Victor†, Pedro Moreno-Sanchez‡, Bernhard Haslhofer*, and Matteo Maffei‡,

Affiliations* Austrian Institute of Technology, † Technische Universität Berlin, and ‡ Technische Universität Wien,


1. Paper Title: Gravity: a blockchain-agnostic cross-chain communication and data oracles protocol.

Summary: The implementation of a complex interconnected network of oracles, supporting communication of blockchain networks with the outside world, cross-chain communication and transfers, as well as integrating sidechains, within one holistic and self-governing system.

Authors: Aleksei Pupyshev*, Dmitry Gubanov*, Elshan Dzhafarov*, llya Sapranidi*, Inal Kardanov*, Vladimir Zhuravlev*, Shamil Khalilov*, Marc Jansen*, Sten Laureyssens*, Igor Pavlov*, and Sasha Ivanov*,

Affiliations* Waves Association.


No papers.


1. Paper Title: Proofs of Useless Work Positive and Negative Results for Wasteless Mining Systems.

Summary: This work formally defines three properties that are necessary for wasteless PoW systems: (1) solve “meaningful” problems (2) solve them efficiently and (3) be secure against double-spend attacks.

Authors: Maya Dotan* and Saar Tochner*,

Affiliations* The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


1. Paper Title: Backtesting of Algorithmic Cryptocurrency Trading Strategies.

Summary: A tool for backtesting algorithmic trading strategies for cryptocurrencies that provides a convenient way to automatically run comparisons of multi-dimensional parameter spaces for algorithmic trading strategies. 

AuthorsJan Spörer*

Affiliations: * Frankfurt School of Finance & Management.

2. Paper Title: Hashing Out Agreements: An Overview of 'Smart' Contracts under Canadian Law.

Summary: An overview of smart contracts under Canadian contract law.

AuthorsFlorian Martin-Bariteau* and Marco Pontello*,

Affiliations: * University of Ottawa.

3. Paper Title: Blockchain Collaboration with Competing Firms in a Shared Supply Chain: Benefits and Challenges.

Summary: It is important to understand firms’ incentives to join the blockchain consortium when the supply chain network becomes visible as a result.

AuthorsYao Cui*, Vishal Gaur*, and Jingchen Liu†,

Affiliations: * Cornell University and † Nanjing University.

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